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When the rain comes

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

There are times in life when pain strikes at incredible speeds and with an intensity you feel you can barely stand. Most people have great seasons as well as painful seasons in life. These painful times are when our foundation strength is imperatively important. We build our lives on a foundation… one of our choosing. The strength and integrity of this foundation will often determine our successes and failures in life. We must know our scripture, know the promises of our Heavenly Father and know with whom our salvation rests.

So, I ask you what is the foundation your house is built upon? Are you firmly rooted in a stable environment of believers and relationship with the Father? What are you support systems and where do you draw your strength from?

When tribulation comes you need to be ready. Please notice I said when not if; the word of God says it rains on the just and the unjust. God didn’t say the weapons wouldn’t form He did say they would not prosper. We all have challenges and attacks on our lives, so we have choices in how we respond to these attacks. If you are firmly rooted in the word of God and seek HIM and HIS will for your life then there are treasures of blessing for you; even in the storms. I believe especially in the hardest moments you will find Him. But if you are not grounded in your spiritual life when hard times come you will be tossed to and fro and be completely worn out in the fight. As Christians we renew our strength in meditating on the word of God and spending time in the presence of our heavenly father.

The Bible teaches us that we have the power to put on the armor of God…. please notice it isn’t just given to us but we are told it is available to us should we choose to utilize it. We are active players in our spiritual walk we are not just spectators.

In the early days of my Christian walk I had a Pastor that taught me to pay attention to the verbs in the scriptures. A verb shows us action and where there is something that must be done. He taught us to be aware of when we are told to do something, we must then make an active choice to follow through with applying the knowledge to our life.

My hopes are these words show you a path in the storm should you find yourself in one.

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1 Comment

May 02, 2022

That's a good strong word, Dr. D. It's easy for me to get down from sustained hardships, but much harder for me to "encourage myself in the Lord" as David did. He faced much more intense threats to his very life. I love that he wasn't a saint but God called him a man after God's heart.

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