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Dr. Denese Anderson



Wife, mother, grandmother, public speaker, counselor, author and entrepreneur she has worked in the social services field for over 30 years.

Beyond her extensive counseling experience Dr. D worked diligently for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities in creation of the Florida Choice and Control Pilot Project. She was employed for several years with the Delmarva Foundation as a quality assurance representative; where she worked tirelessly to help providers improve their understanding of Florida laws and requirements of care taking. Her entrepreneurial experiences extend to six businesses she has partnered in creation. 

Beyond her PhD she is experienced in Christian marriage enrichment. Dr. D spent 17 years as a supported living and supported employment coach and trainer for people with developmental disabilities, and she now has a thriving counseling practice in her local community.  She is a published author and gifted public speaker. Dr. D enjoys helping others to reach their full potential. She is a committed prayer warrior for all of those walking through the challenges of life; committed to full belief the Lord Jesus Christ is the truth, way and life. 

She currently resides in Orange Park, Florida. She has three children and two grandchildren that are the joys of her heart. Her best moments, however, are spent on her travels and adventures with her husband and best friend of twenty-two years.

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