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Now Welcoming Pastor Cyndi Hughes to Our Counseling Practice- Appointments now available


Helping people grow beyond the pain and find freedom through counseling and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through the power of God, ongoing education, resources, life experiences and prayer Dr. D would like to help you grow beyond the pain you are experiencing.



What to expect for first visit:

  • You have a choice to do appointments via zoom or in person in the office. (I truly believe in office is a much better experience).  Regardless of which option you choose, the website will send you a zoom link via email. This does not mean you must zoom, but rather, you have that option if you aren't feeling well or have transportation issues to zoom

  • We ask if you are not feeling well to please partake in the zoom option for your appointment

  • It is generally a little cool in our office so if you are prone to getting cold you may want to bring a light sweater with you to your appointment.

  • There is reserved parking in front our building, please feel free to park there

  • Upon arrival to your appointment please text 904-994-9445 that you have arrived

  • All appointments must be cancelled within 24 hours prior to your appointment or full payment will be taken 

  • You can request startup paperwork to be emailed to you in advance so you may complete and bring to appointment with you to make better use of your time with Dr. D   request via email to:

Dr. Denese Anderson is the owner of Grow Beyond the Pain, as well as, the Director of Counseling at True Life Church in Middleburg, Florida. She is dedicated to helping people in all life situations through knowledge, compassion and divine direction. Dr. D is a Pastoral Counselor with 20 years of experience helping others find their best life. She is ordained through the National Conservative Christian Church and The Experiencing Ministries Organization.

Pastoral Counselor




10 Strategies for Saving Your Marriage"

"How to Hold On

By Dr. Denese Anderson

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Endorsements & Client Reviews

Words can't begin to describe how fortunate I am for Dr. Anderson. Her in-depth knowledge and spiritual wisdom has healed my broken heart and mind countless times. Though I am in my final days of singleness, her book prepares me for my days ahead as a wife. Her words will be a guided tour along the marital path; avoiding pitfalls, while understanding healing, forgiveness, and love with applied faith.
Dr. D truly gets it. Her love and compassion simply resonates all through her writings. I would recommend everyone, regardless of relationship status to read and re-read How to Hold On- it is perspective changing for when life's challenges seem overwhelming.



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